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All of our translations are done by highly educated experts with many years of translation experience and language professors of source or target languages of a translation. All our translators are obliged to consult with native speakers. We offer professional translation services from and into no less than 56 languages!

In addition to the most common ones – English, German, French, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish – we offer you translation services in all European languages and numerous world and exotic languages.

Along with the standard text translations, we offer you conference interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive) as well as translations certified by court interpreters – the so-called certified translations.

Simultaneous interpreting implies simultaneous (concurrent) oral translation from Croatian into a foreign language and vice-versa. Simultaneous interpreting is mostly used at larger gatherings (symposia and conferences) in front of an auditorium and on various TV and radio programs. We offer two-way simultaneous interpreting from and into all of the mentioned 56 languages.

Consecutive interpreting is an oral translation from Croatian to a foreign language and vice- versa in such a way that one or more sentences are translated after the speaker has spoken them. Consecutive interpreting is mostly used at smaller gatherings (meetings, seminars, symposia and the like). We offer two-way consecutive interpreting from and into all of the already mentioned 56 languages.

Certified translations are translations that are certified by court interpreters. Certified translations are most commonly requested for official documents such as certificates of nationality, passports, birth and death certificates, school reports, diplomas, certificates, excerpts from court registers, various attestations, contracts and the like. It is of utmost importance for the certified translation to be identical to the original document, which the court interpreters guarantee with their statement and certify with their signature and stamp.

We provide certified translations into all European and many world languages from Croatian and vice versa. Furthermore, if necessary, we hire court interpreters to attend litigations, business meetings, signings of various contracts and the like.

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