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Language Consulting

Language consulting implies professional advice in the field of the Croatian literary language. Above all, it refers to the orthography of the Croatian literary language and it includes both morphology (nouns, verbs, verb types and tenses, adjectives, numerals, pronouns, enclitics, adverbs and prepositions) and syntax.

Language consulting is primarily oriented towards legal entities who, subscribing to this service at a very affordable price, have the option of submitting an unlimited number of inquiries related to the above-mentioned fields of the Croatian literary language. Language consulting subscribers can submit their language queries by phone, email or fax, and we will provide them with a language advice immediately if the inquiry was received by phone or we will send it in the shortest possible time via email or fax.

Private person can also request a language advice, which is, in that case, treated as a one-time payment.

With our language consulting service, we solve the linguistic dilemmas of our clients in their everyday business operations. For example, in preparing an official letter or a similar text, clients can find themselves in a dilemma whether they should use trenutno or trenutačno, pridonijeti or doprinijeti, porijeklo or podrijetlo, manager or menadžer, when they should use pocrveniti and when pocrvenjeti and the like.

Just send us your inquiry via one of the mentioned communication options and the answer will be right there – in such a form that is most suitable for you.

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00, during which time we receive language queries and respond to them.

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