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Editing & Proofreading

Editing that we provide includes a comprehensive stylistic and linguistic text processing: elimination of grammatical and spelling mistakes and stylistic refinement of sentence structures (syntax).

Proofreading on the other hand implies elimination of random errors in writing (Lapsus calami), the so-called typos.

At Editor, editing and proofreading is performed by professors of languages and by top experts with many years of experience in stylistic editing and proofreading.

When editing texts in Croatian language, we adhere to the norms and rules of the official orthography of the Republic of Croatia, but we also use other relevant sources – Croatian usage guides, dictionaries, highly specialized journals and earlier orthographies. Should the client request it, we can provide professional explanation for every correction in the text, which we can support with relevant literature.

In addition to the Croatian language, we offer text editing and proofreading in all 56 languages into and from which we translate. For translations and texts that are to be printed or published online, we strongly recommend editing to achieve the highest level of literacy.

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