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About us

Who we are, what we do and how we do it?

editor-oblacici brings together top experts in Croatian and foreign languages and provides services of written translation, interpreting, editing, proofreading and language consulting.

One of our business priorities is an exceptionally professional approach to our clients: all of the services we provide are of the highest possible quality. Furthermore, we respect the deadlines and confidentiality requirements and protect the clients and the confidentiality of their data. Accordingly, each of our clients and each of their requests receive an individual treatment, as we approach our clients with special care and readiness.

With no less than four categories of prompt and urgent services, we are able to comply with any deadline given to us and do our work on time – being punctual to the minute. Meeting the deadlines for us means exactly that: to be right on time, not just completing a request on the set day or hour, but being punctual to the minute!


A translated text is actually a product of the translation process, and top quality translations require interaction and cooperation between editors, translators and native speakers in order to translate complex sentence and language structures from one language into another in the most authentic way.

This is exactly why our translators and editors work together from the very start of the translation process, being obliged to consult with native speakers, and if necessary, contact the very client in a desire to satisfy their wishes and fulfill their expectations as much as possible.

In the links below, find out more about our services and language columns intended for perfecting the Croatian literary language and educating the visitors of our site free of charge.

Services and Interesting Facts

Translations: 54 languages

We offer professional translation services from and into no less than 54 languages. Besides written translations, we provide conference interpreting and certified translations.


Editing and Proofreading

Editing that we provide includes stylistic and linguistic text processing: elimination of grammatical and spelling mistakes and stylistic refinement of sentence structures.

Language Consulting

Our renowned language experts provide professional advice in the field of the Croatian literary language, which primarily refers to orthography, morphology and syntax.


Language Columns

Improve your knowledge of the Croatian literary language: educate yourself by following our interesting language columns: Language Chest, Tidbits of Knowledge and The Illiteracy of Today

Court Interpreters

We provide certified translation of various official documents and we hire court interpreters for the purpose of litigations, business meetings and the like.



Here we regularly publish news and information on current applications, hiring and possibilities of cooperation with Editor.